Inside The Prayer Cocoon


Are you in need of Healing?  Do you know a loved one who is in need for Healing? Healing from any physical condition, from the slightest cold or any kind of injury, to persistent infection, chronic disease or life threatening illness; from any dysfunction in your body? Come and join us and let's go together to The-One-HEALING, Let's do what the people did 2000 years ago, bringing their sick to Jesus for Him to heal them.

Together we bring ourselves and our loved ones in need into the throne room to the Resurrected and Glorified Jesus: 

"But for you who fear My name, the sun of righteousness will rise with healing in its wings . . ." 

Will You Join Us?

No tool . . . 

No module . . . 

No formula . . . 

Just simply turning to The-Father. 

When we pray "In The-Name of Jesus" we are acknowledging The-Truth expressed INSIDE Jesus The-Person and are asking The-Father to bear witness to That-Truth. We are becoming a Prayer-Family, praying together and for each other for healing. Come and join us in our weekly Prayer-For-Healing, where we search to be

In the Presence of The-One

Who IS Health and Who Heals.

Prayer is the way we turn to The-Father. Praying is as simple as having a (childlike) conversation with The-Father in an atmosphere of Authentic Faith and Hope.

In our Live Prayer-For-Healing we don't try to work our healing through a tool or healing system or module. We don't try to convince ourselves to have faith of being healed. We simply enter the Cocoon-of-Prayer where we ask The-Father to manifest in our bodies what He already has established inside Jesus/Yeshua.

Any sickness is rooted in negative stressful IMAGES in Our-HEARTS; but they also produce additional new negative stressful 

IMAGES. In our Prayer-For-Healing we do what Ancient-Hebrew tells us to do: To focus on The-Things-AboveWe focus on The-IMAGE that The-Father has given us. "The-Father Who created the IMAGE-Maker, knows more than any person in the universe that we need 

The-Preeminent-IMAGE FOR our IMAGE-Maker,

The-Predominant-IMAGE FOR our IMAGE-Maker,

The-Ultimate-IMAGE FOR our IMAGE-Maker . . . 


 The Ultimate-Focus that we're supposed to USE our IMAGE-Maker FOR  . . .  


When This-IMAGE is being burned on the Screen of Our-HEARTS it is impossible for other IMAGES to be dominating our IMAGE-Maker at the same time.

"The-LIGHT of The-Gospel of Christ, who Is The-IMAGE of God" (2 Cor. 4:4)

"The-LIGHT of The-Knowledge of the Glory of God; is shining from the face of the Resurrected-Jesus." (2 Cor. 4:6)

This-LIGHT blinds Our-HEARTS from the negative stress-producing IMAGES . . . and produce Faith and Hope in Our-HEARTS instead. Inside the gentle Cocoon-of-Prayer we acknowledge our dependence on The-Father to change Our-HEARTS and heal Our-Lives.  Our-Bodies depend on The-Father's-LIFE for every breath we take, for every move we make . . . Our-HEARTS depend on The-Father's-LIGHT for everyThought we Think and for every IMAGE we SEE . . .




Inside the gentle Cocoon-of-Prayer, The-Father can give Our-HEARTS His-Thoughts to Think and His-IMAGES to SEE.


Authentic-Faith is discovering ourselves believing what The-Father reveals to us.

That is when and where Healing and Authentic-Transformation takes place . . . 

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