The Great Faith Treasure


 Changing The Prayer-Paradigm:




If you are in a church or have been in the past, how often have you heard or said a prayer "In Jesus' name" with little awareness of what The-Name Really Means . . . ? How often have you tried or were you told "to have faith" that your prayers are answered?

Faith is not a "muscle" that we need to exercise, nor a tool we need to learn to work with. It does not originate with us so we do not need to worry if we can acquire enough faith.

Losing The-Meaning of the Name of Jesus has left us with a mere formula. What if The Lost Meaning of the Name of Jesus, together with The Letter- IMAGES, their Names and their Function reveal a wonderful Faith-Treasure that permeates The Hebrew Name Yeshua?


This treasure can lead us inside the Cocoon of gentle prayerin an atmosphere of Authentic Faith and Hope. 

Authentic-Faith is discovering ourselves believing what The-Father reveals to us. How easy, simple and restful our prayers become when we stop trying to have faith and enter the realm of  Authentic-Faith as A-God-Given-Gift embedded in The-Meaning of The-Name of Yeshua and what it reveals to us about Jesus The-Person.

We can begin to pray with Faith received as a Gift, believing (INSIDE) The-Person we communicate with, instead of verbalizing a Formula. When Our-Faith INSIDE The-Person increases, how much will  Our-Hope and Expectation to see our prayers answered increase? Our-Faith and Hope will change Negative-IMAGES in Our-HEARTSWhile we shift our focus from what we see Out-There to Who We See INSIDE Him. 

The-One Who Created Us, gave us a HEART for The-Purpose of Fellowship.

The-HEART is designed to be The-(Holy)-Place where we meet The-Father and where The-Father communicates with us.


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